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Accountants in Orpington

Welcome to Best Choice Accountancy Ltd, your trusted accountants in Orpington.

Changing your accountant is a serious business. A decision not taken lightly.

So what do you look for in your new accountant? There are five elements which are very important.

1. Knowledge & Experience

Does your accountant understand your business? Although there are common facets in every business, not every business is the same. Over the years we have gained a great deal of knowledge of construction companies, IT companies and small limited companies. We also have many self-employed individuals as clients. This therefore, enables us to have an in-depth understanding of your problems and how legislation affects you and your business.

2. Availability

Your accountant must be approachable. We find that many accountants are not interested in small businesses either because they run too large firms and so the chain of command means that the junior does a lot of the work that you want the accountant to do. Or simply they have too many clients and sometimes they may neglect important requirements or deadlines.There is nothing wrong of course in expanding a business, accountants are not different, but it is important to ensure that your accountants has the system in place to provide you with a personal service and remind you of your responsibilities when important deadline approach.

3. Fees

The price has to be right. Our service when combined with our expertise and the direct involvement of each member of staff means that we are giving you the best value for money. It is all too common for people to engage an accountant only to find that fees start creeping up and spiral out of control. We are aware of the issues and problems you face, we face the same problems. So we promise we will always keep our fees within your budget and will not increase our price unless you have been notified and you are satisfied with our level of service.

4. Is your accountant a friend?

This is more important than some people think. Relationships develop over time, but your business relationship with your accountant may at times develop into friendships. Recently one of my clients very honestly said that I was part of the family. That made me feel very proud as clearly we are providing a good service and we have made every possible effort to understand the client’s business and his personal circumstance.

5. Direction

In today’s complex society accountants may be called upon to provide business advice and direction. Whereas the accountant’s basic function is to ensure the financial statements are prepared on time and that your business complies with the legislation, in many cases the accountant is in the best position to advice a client on what to look for when making important decisions. These could be about starting a new product or service line, about cost cutting or about ways to increase profitability, in some cases accountants may even provide some direction on how to best market your business. This is a function that we carry out with pleasure.

In conclusion changing your accountant is a difficult decision, but we are confident we can make it as painless as possible for you. As a result this will be a decision you will be very pleased to have taken.

I believe we’re the most competitive accountants in Orpington. Why not give us a call and let us see how we could help, all initial consultations are totally free of charge. Call us on 0208 857 5781.


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