CIS Claims for Construction Companies & Sub-Contractors

CIS Claims for Construction Companies & Sub-Contractors. Tax Returns & Tax Rebates

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Record keeping for construction companies in particular is vital to ensure that returns are filed on time with HMRC and CIS tax rebates are processed quickly by HMRC

We will help you with the following every month:

• Make sure that the details for your own business are right
• Check that any details about your subcontractors are right
• Add information about any new subcontractors and verify them
• Keep the records of payments made to each subcontractor
• Include details of any deductions you’ve made from each payment
• Issue a payment certificate to each sub-contractor
• Keep a record and claim CIS deducted at source
• Prepare end of year reports for both CIS contractors & sub-contractors

HMRC will check these records from time to time – we are here to provide both the facilities and the assistance needed to deal with HMRC enquiries.

CIS Tax Rebates

Whether you work as a Limited Company or as a Self-Employed getting your CIS rebate quickly can be difficult. We will make sure that CIS claims are submitted on time every time.

Where an accountant has failed to file the appropriate documentation we will file a new claim no matter how late and make regular calls to HMRC so that there are no delays in processing your claim.

Next Step to Claim Your CIS Tax Rebates:

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