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CIS Returns for Limited Companies & Self-Employed

Let us prepare CIS Returns for you so that you can concentrate on your business

If you’re a contractor under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) there are certain rules you’ll need to follow. For example, you have to tell HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) each month about all the payments you’ve made to your subcontractors within the scheme. You do this by making monthly CIS returns.

This can be very demanding for the busy business owners and we are very happy to do this for you.

We will help you with the following every month:

  • make sure that the details for your own business are right
  • check that any details about your subcontractors are right
  • add information about any new subcontractors and verify them
  • put in details of all the payments you’ve made to each subcontractor during the last tax month
  • include details of any deductions you’ve made from each payment
  • issue a payment certificate to each sub-contractor

Record keeping for CIS contractors

HMRC will expect you to keep certain records. You’ll need to keep details of:

  • the gross amount of each payment you make to a subcontractor – excluding any VAT
  • the amount of any deduction you made from a payment before you gave it to the subcontractor
  • if you made a deduction, the amount of any materials costs – excluding any VAT

HMRC will check these records from time to time – just like it checks employers’ PAYE records. You must keep your records for at least three years after the end of the tax year they’re for. If HMRC asks to see them you’ll need to make them available and provide any facilities needed to look at them. HMRC may ask you for full sized copies. We are happy to keep all of these records for you.

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