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About Our Services

The accountancy profession, like many other professions, has undergone many changes. Whilst our basic function is to prepare financial statements in good time and ensure compliance, we are often called upon to give advice on taxation and business matters. The Construction Industry in particular is often the focus of HM Revenue and Customs and it is the first one to feel the effect of changes in the economy. For these reasons it is very important for Contractors and sub-contractors to be ahead of time and make decisions which ensure not only the survival of your business in difficult times, but sustained growth in whichever economic climate your business operates.

A part from providing comprehensive services we are pleased to offer the best value for money and a regular review of your accountancy and taxation needs. We also have a special offer if you’re considering setting up a limited company as a contractor.

How can we help you in this?

Competitive fees

Contractors and Sub-Contractors do not want to spend over the odds. As we specialise in construction and contracting work we can guarantee that our prices are the most competitive in the London Area and even Nationwide. We use the most efficient software and our information system is tailor-made for the industry.

Free Meetings

Your initial consultation meeting with us is free and we do not charge for subsequent meetings if these are part of our service to you to ensure compliance for both you and your business.

Work on time every time

We know how important it is for you to get timely information and so make it a point to ensure that financial statements, management accounts and other statutory returns are prepared in good time. This avoids penalties but more importantly will assist you, the business owner, in making sound business decisions.

A Regular Business Review

Our service to you goes beyond preparing financial statements. We provide a regular business review to enable you making cost-effective decisions, grow your business in a controlled, but progressive way and take full advantage of business opportunities.

Bookkeeping, Management Accounts and Support

We will sort out all your paperwork. We will be happy to keep your books, update the ledgers, prepare your VAT Returns and Payroll and any other bookkeeping and administration needs you may have. This will free you to concentrate on your business without being distracted by these support activities.

Unlimited Telephone Support

All members of staff are trained to give you timely telephone support, every time. Please feel free to call the office whenever you need clarification, direction or support in understanding financial information or making important business decisions.

Tax Advice on how to reduce tax liabilities

There is often more than one route to a given destination and it is not different with tax. We will consider both your personal circumstances and those of your business to apply HMRC legislation and provisions in the best possible way in order to minimise your tax liabilities.

All our work is fully guaranteed

Whilst we help you in understanding your responsibilities, we also take full responsibility for the work we do and the advice we give. We will always listen to you and keep working with you until you are fully satisfied with the work we do.

We always try to make it simple for you

Your success is our success.

For experienced help with all of your accountancy and tax needs call us today 0208 857 5781. All initial consultations are totally free of charge.


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Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, or would like a free consultation or a fixed quote.


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