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We’ll Help You Decide

Finding it difficult to make a decision?

Making the right decision can be very challenging. In the current climate especially where margins are tight it is all the more important to ensure that valuable resources are not wasted as a result of making the wrong decision.

Therefore, it is important for everyone in business to consider all the options. Whether you wish to start a new product line, introduce a new service or simply review your pricing structure we will be happy to assist in your decision making process.

Sometimes the decision may be about the best structure to use to promote your business. For example, “should you remain a Sole Trader or should you become a Limited Company?” “What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one?” Or you may wish to know whether your business would benefit by registering voluntarily for VAT even though you may not have reached the threshold above which registration becomes compulsory. Another question could be, “should I draw dividends or should I pay myself a salary?”

Making the right decision could be the difference between trading at a profit or at a loss, or it could be the difference between paying tax or receiving a tax rebate. In some cases we have saved our clients thousands of pounds in tax and assisted in making our client’s business more profitable.

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