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Small Business Advice


Small businesses are the life of the UK economy. Over the last few years there has been a shift from employment to self-employment and many businesses have incorporated into limited companies. What are the challenges? To compete successfully and grow there are some fundamentals that you need to get right. You need the right product, you need the right marketing and very importantly you need the right accountant. You need our professional and reliable small business advice!

We have helped dozens of businesses to set up accurate records, to get finance and ultimately to save tax whist becoming more profitable.

Small Business Advice

I mentioned accurate records because there is tendency to underestimate the value of accurate records. When a business is successful this is often due the way financial information is gathered and accessible to the business owner.

Claiming all your business expenses will often mean a reduction of up to 25% of your tax bill. And as your business grows you will need VAT records and PAYE records as well as records for your Personal Income. We can assist with setting up these records very quickly so that you can focus on your business.

What about cashflow? Is that an issue for you? So many things can hinder a positive cashflow, lack of finance, poor credit control procedures, using suppliers who are too expensive and do not give value for money. We can help in all these areas. Accurate and timely management information will please your bank manager. It will also enable your business to get assistance in good time before it is oo late. Furthermore accurate information and credit control systems mean that you will get paid on time.

We can provide all of the above at a very competitive price. We run a business like yours and what we propose we apply first of all in our business. This has enabled us to charge limited fees always on a fixed price so that you can budget, but we never forget that the quality of our service must remain of the highest standard and dozens of clients will testify this to be the case.

Quality of service is important for you and us. We always respond to emails and telephone calls within a very short time. Our endeavor is to fully understand the problems you experience and give you the correct solutions which are best for your business.

Finally but not least, all our staff are trained to make you feel at home. When you call the office or when you come for a business meeting you will never be disappointed with the way you have been helped.

We never forget that your success is our success.


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