Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we are often asked by prospective clients. See if your queries are answered, but if not we will be only to happy to discuss any additional concern or requirement you may have.

Q: How easy is it to change accountants and why should I change?

A: Changing your accountant is an important step and especially if you have had a long standing business relationship. If you decide to change, perhaps your accountant has become too expensive or he/she does not respond as promptly as you would like, the process itself is quite straight forward. Accountants operate under a strict code of ethics and they are under obligation to share information with each other. Therefore, once we are appointed we can write to your previous accountant and this is often sufficient to complete the change over. In some cases, with your approval, we can write to HMRC to obtain the information we need.

Q: You seem to offer a lot. Are your fees expensive?

A: No! We offer fixed fees and also competitive fees. Above all we offer good value for money at the best possible price. We achieve this result by employing efficient staff, by using the most advanced systems and by making the best possible use of the resources we have at our disposal. We never carry out any work before first agreeing the fee with you.

Q: I have just completed the company accounts, is there a good reason to contact you now? 

A: The assistance and support your accountant can provide is very important in ensuring that you are managing your business well from a financial point of view. Also tax planning at an early stage may mean less tax later on. The work of your accountant is not just about compliance. It involves timely business advice.

Q: Will you charge for initial consultations?

A: No. It often helps to see your business, books and records when we first meet and discuss any other issue you may have. We are always happy to invest our time without charge to show you how we can help. Generally we prefer to meet at our office as we have the systems in place to update our information system there and then, but we can also pay a free visit at your home address, if you prefer.

Q: When and how soon can we meet?

A: We can meet as soon as it is convenient for you. We are always available and especially if you need to discuss important matters which affect your business both in the short and long-term. We have a team of accountants who are specialized in all accounting and taxation areas and are able to assist in whatever financial or tax issue you may have.

Q: How long is your fixed quote guaranteed for?

A: Our fees are guaranteed for as long as they keep in line with inflation. We offer a range of services which is priced based on the expertise and resources required. We want to keep our customers for the long-term and therefore our services are priced so that, unless there is a substantial increase in the level of services required, our fees remain the same or if they change they do so in line with inflation.

Q: How do I know you will deliver and keep to your commitments?

A: We have been in business for a very long time, We have dozens of loyal customers and we keep adding to our large portfolio of clients. Our reputation is based on us delivering what we promise and you are welcome to contact any of our customers to request a review or a recommendation.

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